Investment Teams

The power of specialty boutiques

Our independent teams each pursue a distinct investment approach while operating with strong governance and oversight.

Mackenzie Global Quantitative Equity Team

A nimble process that seeks alpha in emerging and global markets by using quantitative models to analyze 20,000 securities, twice daily.

Lead: Arup Datta

Mackenzie Greenchip Team

Having focused exclusively on environmental sectors for over a decade, believes the great energy transition is an unprecedented opportunity for asset owners

Co-Leads: John A. Cook, Gregory Payne

Mackenzie Fixed Income Team

Thinking outside of the box to source fixed income investments and create strategies that provide value over and above yield.

Lead: Konstantin Boehmer

Mackenzie Global Equity & Income Team

Invests in mainly dividend-paying, industry-leading companies that are growing organically and delivering consistent returns.

Lead: Darren McKiernan

Mackenzie Investments Europe Limited

Identifies undervalued, under-appreciated companies with high and/or improving returns on invested capital and a sustainable competitive advantage.

Lead: Seamus Kelly

Mackenzie North American Equity & Income Team

Disciplined, bottom-up investors that tactically allocate across the market cap spectrum to potentially realize value from the best opportunities in the marketplace.

Co-Leads: William Aldridge,  Patricia Nesbitt 

Mackenzie Asia Team

Seeks companies that combine credible management, solid business strategy and strong governance—and trade at valuations that create the potential for superior investment returns.

Lead: Nick Scott

Mackenzie Bluewater Team

Invests in distinctive industry leaders with unique competitive advantages or high barriers to entry that can protect them and drive durable, sustainable returns.

Co-Leads: Dina DeGeer, David Arpin

Mackenzie Ivy Team

Aims to achieve long-term growth through careful and patient investment with a 30-year, time-tested and trusted approach

Lead: Matt Moody

Mackenzie Resource Team

With a future focus and a long legacy in resource investing, seeks opportunities across traditional, evolving and future-facing resource companies.

Lead: Benoit Gervais

Mackenzie Growth Team

Uncovers growth opportunities in smaller US companies, targeting high quality, relatively unknown innovators at the forefront of changing technology, consumer needs and attitudes.

Lead: Phil Taller

Mackenzie Multi-Asset Strategies Team

Builds modern portfolios that deliver on specific investment objectives and help clients thrive, even in unpredictable markets.

Lead: Nelson Arruda