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The benefits of alternatives

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Constructing modern portfolios with alternatives

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Mackenzie is on a mission to make alternatives education accessible. Here, you’ll find curated resources, easily digestible content and multimedia learning, all designed with your needs in mind.

Understanding alternatives

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What are alternative investments?

A brief overview outlining the assets and strategies that are classed as alternative investments.

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What are alternative strategies?

The non-conventional methods for managing assets, including shorting and leverage.

CE Course: Why alternatives?

An in-depth explainer of alts and why we believe they should be an essential component of every portfolio.

The benefits of alternatives


What should investors know about alternatives?

Mackenzie’s Michael Schnitman and CAIA’s Bill Kelly discuss alts’ potential to provide truer diversification, lower drawdown risk, less volatility and higher risk adjusted returns.

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How can liquid alternatives help increase stability and risk-adjusted returns?

The ways alts can reduce the negative impact of market volatility and potentially improve performance.


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How do liquid alternatives bring portfolio diversification?

Discover how alts can be used with the aim of delivering higher returns, reduced volatility or preservation of capital.


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How are absolute return strategies built to deliver in rising and falling markets?

How absolute return funds and relative trading are designed to thrive during volatile markets.

Constructing modern portfolios with alternatives


How could alternative asset classes benefit your overall investment experience?

Mackenzie Portfolio Manager Matthew Cardillo, CFA discusses maximizing return over risk and minimizing correlation.


How does your portfolio compare to CPP?

See how the Canada Pension Plan incorporates alternatives into its portfolio.


Why should you consider having a 10–20% allocation to alternatives in your portfolio?

Why we recommend a meaningful exposure to alternative assets/strategies and private markets.

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How do liquid alternatives apply leverage and shorting?

Strategies where borrowed money and declining securities can bring superior returns.

Accessing private markets


Why invest in private markets now?

Michael Schnitman explains what makes private markets attractive portfolio diversifiers.


How the illiquidity premium can enhance portfolios

Discover the advantages of the illiquidity premium, which offers the potential for higher returns by investing in private assets.


An ideal time for infrastructure?

Infrastructure assets are generally less sensitive to market fluctuations, and their inflation-linked revenues tend to make them more resilient during periods of high inflation.



What is the interval fund?

Interval funds offer retail investors access to a mix of liquid and illiquid investments. They are available for purchase at specified intervals, typically monthly.

Discover Mackenzie’s Accessible Alternatives

Find out about Mackenzie’s suite of alternatives and how we’re making them available to more investors.

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